What is DolorClast® High Power Laser?

DolorClast Laser

DolorClast® High Power laser’s 905nm wavelength triggers two main types of effects in the targeted area:

Analgesic effect: Kicking in 5min after the end of laser treatment and lasting up to 72h.

Anti-inflammatory effect: Decreasing acute inflammation and leading to a quick absorption of the oedema and a faster healing process of the damaged tissue.

Use DolorClast® Laser for:

  • Superficial or deep MSK indications
  • As 1st choice to address acute inflammation

What are the benefits of laser therapy?


Musculoskeletal injuries are described by patients as highly painful, especially in their acute phase. Unfortunately opioid medication or sedative are still too often prescribed despite the risk of adverse events. To avoid any addictive form of pain management, EMS has developed the DolorClast® High Power Laser to offer a non-invasive, effective yet safe solution to patients suffering from acute phase or those having a low-tolerance threshold of pain.

Shed light to blind pain & regenerate:

No opioids
No sedatives
No pain

What is the best wavelength for laser therapy?

Wavelengths comprised between 650nm and 1350 nm are known as the “therapeutic window”. Within this frame, wavelengths penetrate deep in the tissues as they are not much absorbed by water, blood and melanin and can therefore trigger biological mechanisms.

Within the therapeutic window, 905nm wavelength has been specifically chosen for the DolorClast® High Power Laser for its ability to be less absorbed by water (and therefore oedema often characteristic of acute inflammation), blood and melanin.

Neurological path arm

905 nm allows for treatment of deep pathologies

905 nm wavelength allows for a treatment of deep pathologies by a tissue penetration of up to 120mm without a burning of the skin.

905 nm wavelength switches off nociceptors

A nociceptor (from latin “nocere” = “to harm”) is a sensory neuron that responds to damaging or potentially damaging stimuli by sending a threat signals to the spinal cord and the brain. His turn, if the brain perceives the threat as credible, it creates the sensation of pain to direct attention to the body part, so the threat can hopefully be mitigated.

905nm laser light has the property to switch off these nociceptors after only 3 minutes of irradiation1. Based on this wavelength, the DolorClast® High Power Laser provides a quick and strong antalgic effect, without having to use any pain medication.

1 Mezawa, S et al., 1988

905 nm wavelength supresses acute inflammation

905nm wavelength leads to a reduction of the amount of Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), which is a key marker of the inflammation. Clinical research2 shows that exposing tissues to such laser light diminishes the acute inflammation thanks to the reduction of PGE2 as fast as 1 hour after the treatment. By mimicking the effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), without exposing patients to their side-effects and addiction, 905nm wavelength kicks off  the healing process.

2 Bjordal, J M et al., 2006

How does the DolorClast® High Power Laser work?

Healing at the speed of light

300 Watts Peak power

Pulsed laser delivers bursts of emission. The higher the power peak is, the deeper the laser light can reach tissues.

1.35 Watts average Power

The amount of power delivered over time.

5 to 80 Kilo Herz frequency

The amount of pulses per second. Changing the frequency changes the overall amount of energy delivered during 1s due to pulses being delivered more (or less) frequently.


100 nanoseconds pulse duration

The time measured across a pulse. Changing the pulse duration changes the amount of energy delivered per pulse. A high exposure time of tissue, meaning a high pulse duration, may generate safety issues.

50% Modulation

The percentage of time the laser is on / off. Changing the % of modulation changes the overall amount of energy delivered due to the laser being on or off.


Clinical researches1 show that therapeutic effects of laser light on pain reduction and inflammation, characteristic of acute phase of musculoskeletal pathologies, are linked to a specific wavelength: 905 nm.

In order to reach exceptional treatment outcomes on deep MSK disorders, the penetration depth of the 905nm laser light needs to maximized thanks to a high peak power (300W).

For tissue safety, this amount of energy needs to be delivered to the tissues wisely. A high peak power coupled with short pulse duration guarantee in-depth penetration and tissue safety.

1 Mezawa et al., 1988  / Bjordal et al., 2006

300 W peak power is 15 times more powerful than conventional low power lasers

905 nm wavelength allows for a treatment of deep pathologies by a tissue penetration of up to 120mm

Short pulse duration of 100ns to keep the treated tissues below the thermal threshold and hence avoid risk of burns.


Guided DolorClast Therapy suggests a combination therapy approach:

Apply DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves or Focused Shock Waves:

5 minutes

after the end of DolorClast® High Power Laser treatment for excellent combined clinical outcomes


1 hour

after the end of DolorClast® High Power Laser treatment for excellent optimal clinical outcomes

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